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How to Buy the Best 100% THC-Free CBD Oil

CBD oil is a natural boost to the endocannabinoid system, which is known to help relieve pain,  fight depression/mood, sleep issues and much more. However, be cautious while buying CBD products because most contain a small trace of THC.  While it has to be less than 0.03% THC to be legal, it can still show up on a drug test.  If you are worried about THC entering your system, broad spectrum is the CBD solution for you.  I

In this article, we will discuss everything about THC-free CBD oil and other products to help educate new CBD users just starting their CBD journey

Let’s begin!

What is THC?

THC is a psychoactive chemical that can give you a euphoric effect. Your mechanical functions can be impaired and you can find difficulty in making decisions. However, you can not overdose on THC products.  

Although legalized or medical marijuana is being passed by more and more US states, there is still a stigma around the use of THC.  Most people still prefer not to use THC and companies use drug tests to monitor THC use. With that said, you can avoid THC in CBD products by using high quality Broad Spectrum CBD to give you peace of mind while still getting the full effect of CBD oil.  

Types of CBD Oil in the Market

When you explore CBD products, you will find many different options. As a beginner, it can be overwhelming to learn about each product and their positive and negative benefits.  Here is a description of the main types of CBD in today’s market:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil

Full Spectrum CBD oil products contain 0.03% or less THC to be legal.  This means that every full spectrum CBD product has a trace amount of THC that will enter your bloodstream.   Make sure you do your research or ask about the most high quality products to make sure you are getting the best benefits these products have to offer.  

  • Broad-Spectrum CBD oil

Broad Spectrum CBD oil products contain zero-THC. They also contain other ingredients like terpenes, compounds, and flavors similar to Full Spectrum CBD.  The only difference, Broad Spectrum CBD extracts 100% of the THC.  Make sure you find a high quality brand of broad spectrum CBD that provides third party testing results to prove the THC was removed. 

You should buy broad spectrum CBD products if you want to avoid THC entering your bloodstream or showing up on a drug test.  

  • CBD isolate

CBD isolate is the pure form of CBD. CBD Isolates don’t contain any other terpenes, compounds, or flavors . These are potent and expensive because of the additional refining process.

You should buy these products if you want a potent CBD intake and avoid THC.

How is THC-free CBD oil made?

The production of CBD is a several-step and complicated process. Here is a simple breakdown of how broad spectrum CBD products are manufactured:  

  • Hemp Plants

Hemp is an important part of the process.  Finding a quality hemp plant using no chemicals or pesticides is essential in the final CBD product being quality.  Hemp growers harvest the crop when it is mature, then, stock-piles are made and left there for drying. This process can take weeks.

After drying, the CBD manufacturing company crushes the Hemp and converts it into a powder for extraction.

CBD Extraction

The Hemp powder goes to extraction plants where essential oils and other ingredients extract CBD from it. High quality manufacturers will use CO2 extraction processes to get the best quality of product.  CO2 extraction equipment is expensive but creates a much better product.  

After the extraction process, raw CBD comes out of the extraction plant with other compounds/terpenes including THC.  Next up, the refining process.


The refining process takes a significant amount of time. In this process, the company removes contaminants and useless ingredients from the extract. Some brands do not use a refining process. As a result, you get low-quality CBD products that won’t produce the same positive benefits.  These products will usually be sold at a lower cost.  


The refined CBD goes to a distillation process where the THC is extracted completely from the CBD. This extra step in the process can be expensive but is essential into getting a high quality broad spectrum CBD product that your customers can trust. 

Quality assurance and testing

After distillation, CBD oil goes through a quality assurance process where labs analyze the CBD product.   This report is called a certificate of analysis (COA), and every brand shows it on the packaging of the product.  Using a third party lab to test your product is important to show your customers the results of your COA for quality assurance.  

Benefits of THC free CBD oil

Broad Spectrum CBD provides several positive benefits for CBD users:

  • 100% THC free means no worries of being in a high state of mind.  
  • CBD oil without THC can be more effective.  
  • You get no psychoactive effect on your nervous system.
  • You never fail a drug test.  
  • Your balance remains unaffected.
  • Your mental state stays healthy.
  • You do not face legal troubles.
  • You do not experience the side effects of THC.
  • You do not lose a sense of everything.
  • Your endocannabinoid system does not get infused with THC. 

How to buy the best 100% THC-free CBD oil?

These tips will guide you on how to buy the best THC-free CBD oil for the best benefits: 

  • Always look for “Broad-Spectrum or THC Free on the product label.
  • Make sure the CBD brand uses CO2 extraction processes.  
  • Always see the certificate of analysis (COA) for each product.  
  • Make sure the CBD brand uses US-grown Hemp.
  • Check whether the CBD brand uses Hemp that is free from pesticides, molds, heavy metals, and toxins. All of this detail is in the COA.
  • Always check the overall ingredients of the product on the packaging.
  • Always check customer reviews of the brand and products.  
  • Find a brand that uses third party testing labs to analyze each CBD product to make sure it contains zero percent THC.  
  • Always check the potency of the CBD oil.  
  • Mid to high priced CBD usually means the product is higher quality.  If you buy low cost CBD, know that it is most likely low grade CBD that won’t provide the benefits you are looking for.  
  • Make sure you consult your doctor before using CBD products.  

Conclusion….Why buy CBD oil with no THC

The world of CBD can be confusing.  If you are looking for a product with zero percent THC, Broad-Spectrum CBD is the product for you. Make sure you do your research to find a high quality product with third party testing to prove it is 100% THC Free.  You will have peace of mind knowing THC is not in your bloodstream or your drug test won’t come back positive.  

All of Glacier Organics CBD products are 100% THC-free. You’ll find no trace of THC and we have the third party lab tests to prove it!  Get the best THC-free CBD products at a discounted price for your first order.  Use code: WELLNESS25 for 25% off your order.

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