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What is CBD Tincture and How to Use It?

Now, the mass public knows the benefits of CBD products, and more and more people are using them regularly. However, people are not aware of the proper dosage and consumption methods of CBD products, especially when it comes to a CBD tincture, the most commonly known CBD product. As a highly used product, it also produces substantial results in a short amount of time.

Here, we will discuss everything you need to know about CBD tinctures: What is it? Benefits; Things to keep in mind, red flags, and much more.

This post will provide valuable information on CBD tinctures and how to use it.

Let’s begin!

What are CBD Tinctures?

A CBD tincture is a popular CBD product that acts rapidly by placing it under your tongue and allowing it to enter your bloodstream quickly.  It is available over the counter without a prescription or medical marijuana card. Quality manufacturers use a CO2 extraction process to extract CBD from Hemp and Cannabis Sativa plants. It is then added to oil or an alcohol base to create a CBD tincture.  That’s why you can call CBD tincture an alcohol-based product.

CBD tincture also contains other ingredients, such as:

  • Essential Vitamins
  • Water
  • Herbs
  • Melatonin
  • Sweeteners
  • Essential oil

The taste of pure CBD tincture can be bitter and provide an unpleasant experience for CBD users.  That’s why brands add sweeteners to refine the taste and make it taste great. You can find vanilla, mint, peach, strawberry, and many more flavors in CBD tinctures and all CBD products.  Quality CBD tinctures will have a taste that makes the customer want more.  

CBD Tincture: The Mode of Action

CBD tincture works differently than CBD oil. Capillaries in the mouth and other tissues rapidly absorb CBD tincture and put it directly into your bloodstream for quick, effective results. From there, CBD tinctures reach our endocannabinoid system and produce natural effects that help with your symptoms you are trying to help treat.  

Other CBD products can take much longer to produce the required effects. However, a CBD tincture creates the same results in a matter of minutes for most CBD customers.  CBD tinctures are most effective for an overall effect on health and wellness.  

CBD Tincture: What are the Benefits

There are several benefits of using CBD tinctures vs other CBD products. Here are some reasons why: 

Easy Dosage

The dosage of CBD tinctures is the easiest to understand for new and experienced CBD users. For example, a standard CBD tincture comes in a 30-ml bottle that contains 1000 milligrams of CBD content. It means one dropper will contain 30 milligrams of CBD.  As a beginner, taking 1 dropper, 30ml, is a good starting point.  You can gradually start to add another dropper per day to increase your CBD intake until your side effects are being treated.  


With other CBD products, you cannot be sure that all of the CBD went into your bloodstream. However, with CBD tinctures, you have an increased chance that more CBD enters your bloodstream. This helps reach the endocannabinoid system faster and produce the desired effects you are looking for.  

Absorption and Potency

Absorption and potency play a critical role in how effective a CBD product is for the customer.  CBD tinctures are absorbed directly into your bloodstream by putting drops under your tongue.  With other CBD products, you have to consume higher potencies or amounts of CBD to gain the same results. Because your digestion system also puts a hindrance in the absorption of CBD, the CBD tincture goes directly into your bloodstream while bypassing your digestion system to create faster results with the ability to use a lower intake of CBD. 

CBD tinctures: Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things to keep in mind while using CBD tinctures:  

  • Never vape CBD tinctures. It will burn your mouth and produce serious injuries. Plus, you can harm your lungs. It’s because alcohol can create burns inside your lungs.
  • If you are sensitive to alcohol, then you must never use CBD tinctures. It will produce adverse effects on your body.  
  • If you have diabetes, then you must not use CBD tinctures with sweeteners. It can produce serious side effects. However, you can also buy CBD tinctures without sweeteners.
  • Not all CBD tinctures are created equal.  Make sure you research products and brands to make sure you use a quality product to get your desired results.  
  • If you are taking other medicines or a new CBD user, then you should consult your doctor before taking any CBD products.  

CBD Tincture: Usage

Here are all the details you need for CBD tincture ingestion:  

Sublingual Method

Take the CBD tincture dropper and put a few drops under your tongue. You must hold the liquid in your mouth for a few minutes. It will complete the absorption. Then, you can swallow the remaining CBD tincture liquid.  

You can start to feel the effects within a couple of minutes but may have to wait for 30 minutes. If you think that you need a higher dosage, then you can ingest a few more drops.  Make sure you do your research on dosage as it will be different based on many factors such as your weight or if you are a beginner just starting out on your CBD journey.  

Remember, you can never overdose on CBD tincture.  

Common Mixtures

Do you love your morning coffee or tea?  If so, you may want to mix in a drop or two of a CBD tincture with your favorite morning beverage to get the day started.  It can take up to 930-60 minutes for you to feel the effects. You can also mix CBD tincture in solid foods like vegetable salad, meat curry, and similar foods.   This can become part of your daily routine to keep a consistent CBD schedule for the best results.  

CBD tincture: Advantages

There are many advantages of using CBD tinctures over other CBD products.  Here are some reasons:

  • You can carry CBD tinctures easily in your pocket since it comes in a small bottle.  
  • You can store CBD tinctures easily in your home.  
  • You will never experience a foul odor if your CBD tincture has additives or sweeteners.  
  • CBD tinctures mix with other foods and drinks to avoid tasting the CBD tincture.  
  • You can store CBD tinctures for years.
  • You can buy CBD tinctures in many flavors.  
  • You can feel the effects in minimum time.
  • You can have the best CBD absorption product.  

The best and most effective CBD tinctures are a high quality grade CBD without pesticides or chemicals, third party tested, and THC free.  Glacier Organics CBD tinctures are a great way for you to get introduced to the world of CBD.  Our 1000mg Mint CBD Tincture is a product we recommend with third party testing results to give you comfort with the product you are ingesting into your body.  To get started, use code: Wellness25 to get 25% off your first purchase.  

In a Nutshell

CBD tinctures provide the best results for an overall CBD experience.  CBD tinctures not only provide the quickest absorption but also provide the most effective results for overall wellness by helping to treat many different conditions from sleep, anxiety, pain, and much more.  Make sure you consult your doctor before getting started on your CBD journey. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Glacier Organics with any questions you may have to get you started on your journey!

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