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Simple and effective. Our CBD Salve uses a balanced mixture of THC-free CBD oil, subtle essential oils and beeswax. Sounds fancy, but combined together it’s an easy way to support healthy skin, relieve joint pain and calm aching muscles.

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The Glacier Organics broad spectrum CBD Salve shouldn’t be treated like “fine China” or a new iPhone. Our CBD Salve should be thrown in your hunting pack, gym bag or simply kept anywhere it’s easily accessible for when you need relief.

Broad Spectrum CBD Salve combined with MCT oil, beeswax and hints of essential oils create a nourishing mixture for your skin, which supports a high absorption rate to get the full benefits of our Broad-Spectrum CBD.

Our CBD Salve combines the finest ingredients to formulate a topical that supports healthy muscles and joints. This is a unique CBD product that is not ingested. Instead, you apply the salve directly to the skin to help moisturize your skin or help support muscle or joint pain. Our salve is applied directly to the affected skin for those customers that want to target a localized area for quick absorption and fast effects!

Salves are a simple way to ease into the new, and somewhat confusing world of CBD. Broad Spectrum Salves means no THC. During the extraction process all THC is eliminated leaving you with pure hemp extract and all the natural components that go with it: terpenes and cannabinoids. And with third-party testing for each product, you know exactly what you’re getting.


How does the Glacier Organics salve benefit me?

There are many reasons to use the salve vs a tincture.  The two most common are maintaining skin health and joint function and support.  Our salve allows you to target an isolated area of your body with CBD directly.  

How much CBD is in the Glacier Organic salve?

Our 1oz salve contains 555mg of CBD.  

How is your salve different from your sports cream?

They are different in a couple ways.  The salve is made with no water which makes its consistency thicker.  The Salve is primarily used for joint support and skin care whereas our sports cream has menthol for a cooling sensation to help with muscle soreness and recovery.  

Your salve is broad spectrum, what does that mean?

This means that our salve and other CBD products contain all of the terpenes, cannabinoids, compounds from the hemp plant with the exception of THC.  Our products harness the full power of the hemp plant for your benefit!

Where can I purchase Glacier Organics salve?

Just like our other products, you can order our salve on our website, www.glacierorganicscbd.com.  Use code Wellness25 for a 25% discount on your first order.  Look for our products in local Montana dispensaries soon!


  1. Jess

    I recently purchased the lavender and eucalyptus Salve. Not only does it help soothe my aches and pains after a hard workout, but it smells great. I can't wait to try other products in the near future.

  2. Amanda

    I use Glacier Organics Salve to help pain and soreness after a workout. The results have been great. It really helps with my recovery!

  3. Elizabeth

    Recently I've been experiencing inflammation and soreness in my lower right leg. I've been using the salve directly on the painful area for the past week and the inflammation is going away. Awesome product!

  4. Jake (verified owner)

    This is a quality product and company! If you are looking to try a high quality CBD product, give them a shot.

  5. Brian (verified owner)

    I've dealt with super dry skin and Eczema my whole life. The salve has been a life saver! My skin has become less dry and my Eczema flare ups aren't nearly as bad, and don't last as long.

  6. Brenda (verified owner)

    I really like using it on my wrists and hands. I've regained a ton of mobility, I can actually make a fist now.

  7. Todd H. (verified owner)

    I've tried a few other hemp salves and really haven't had any luck with feeling better, and they just have been very oily in general. This Glacier Organics Salve was great though. Not too oily, made my skin feel very smooth. The big improvement was in my knee pain. Years of hiking and hunting have taken a toll, this salve really helped with the constant soreness and tightness.

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Suggested Use
Apply small amount to skin and rub in thoroughly as needed throughout the day. Store away from humidity, heat and light.
Organic MCT Oil, Organic Beeswax, Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil and Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut)

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