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How Can CBD Help Improve Skin Care

How Can CBD Help Improve Skin Care?

Chances are you have probably heard from somebody who rubs CBD on their achy joints or muscles. Or maybe they use a CBD oil to help with anxiety or unrelenting headaches. Or perhaps they just like to relax in a tub infused by a CBD bath bomb at the end of a long, stressful day.

Whatever the application, you have probably discovered that there are many ways to apply CBD for a wide-ranging amount of ailments. But more and more, people are starting to find that CBD could be a beneficial treatment for something people have been hoping to accomplish as long as we’ve been striking rocks against each other to produce fire: slowing down the aging process.

Ok, full disclosure, CBD can’t stop the aging process, but it might be able to make you feel like it can and look like it did. It’s already been supported by clinical research and hoards of customer reviews that CBD oils, CBD salves and CBD lotions can make stiff joints and aching muscles make you feel like you are young again. And it is starting to become clear that CBD can also help smooth out wrinkles, and very possibly help in the fight against skin blemishes, dryness and acne.

Cannabidiol’s (CBD) skin care benefits come primarily from its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and other naturally occurring receptors. And because CBD is a regulatory and balancing compound, it’s benefits can span an array of skin types and be useful against a wide variety of conditions.

“We’ve recently discovered that the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis has a dense network of CB1 and CB2 receptors,” Awais Spall, a formulation chemist and cannabis researcher, with a background in skincare, told Cutanea.com, a website that explores the benefits of CBD in skin care. “CBD interacts with these pathways and other nerve pathways across the epidermis and dermis.”

So now that we know a little bit of the science behind CBD and its therapeutic ability, let’s take a look at how CBD can impact certain skin conditions.

How CBD It Helps Against Skin Disorders

CBD can’t be called a complete cure for acne, which is primarily caused by hormones and inflammation. But because CBD is anti-inflammatory, research shows it can really help regulate the swelling and redness caused by acne.

CBD can be block the sensation that causes us to paw at our skin like a cat does a low-hanging curtain. Research shows that CBD can be used to treat the chronic itchiness caused by some skin disorders.

As we mentioned above, CBD might be at its best when its waging battle against inflammation. This should be music to the ears of people who suffer from issues like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. CBD salves can be helpful here as can the ever-growing list of CBD products entering the skin care line.

Some of us like to show off our scars because they can be nice little conversation pieces. But some of us wish those little areas of damaged skin would just go away. Thankfully, topical CBD treatments can help the healing and soothing of that damaged tissue.

CBD can also be very useful for moisturizing dry skin, regenerating damaged cells by upregulating cell-turnover and reducing the pain and itchiness by aiding inflamed nerve pathways called transient receptor potentials.

What CBD Products Are Best for Skin Care?

In many of our blogs, we aim to help you in your wellness journey by recommending the products that will best help you with the problems you’re experiencing. After all, there is a growing number of CBD applications that demand different products. Skin care is no different. So what should you use?

CBD facial serums are probably the best choice for maximizing CBD’s antioxidant benefits. CBD lotions are also a great choice if you have dry skin or are trying to moisturize your skin during the dry winter months. And if you’re aiming to mix in some CBD products to generally improve your skin conditions, CBD soaps or cleansers might be your best short term option.

While you search for the best CBD product, make sure that your considerations are formulated with transdermal properties. These will help the CBD creams, lotions and serums to get deep into the epidermis and thus better interact with the endocannabinoid system.

If you want to learn more about CBD and how it can help your skin care routine, feel free to contact Glacier Organics or visit our website (www.glacierorganicscbd.com) to learn more!

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