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Difference Between A CBD Cream And An Oral CBD

What Is The Difference Between A CBD Cream And An Oral CBD?

CBD is becoming very popular for many different reasons. You can purchase CBD in various forms, each with specific benefits. You can ingest CBD oil for overall wellness or to help with sleep or anxiety or apply a topical directly to the affected area of your body to help with muscle relief.

These are the two most common ways that people use CBD. They are very different ways to use CBD with one working inside the body while the other is applied to the skin. Although they are very different, they both work together to create homeostasis based on your needs. By knowing your CBD needs, you can decide if you would gain the most benefit from one or both ways of using CBD.

What are CBD Creams And Topicals?

CBD creams help soothe physical discomforts from muscle soreness, joint pain, and more. Topicals are generally infused with CBD and applied directly to a specific part of the body to hit isolated areas of the body having discomfort. CBD creams or topicals absorb directly into your skin and pores and work with the cannabinoid receptors to help with relief.

Hemp based CBD creams may also contain other ingredients that provide beneficial effects. For example, Glacier Organics Hemp Sports Cream has 440 mg of CBD in the cream that also includes menthol to create a cooling effect for pain relief.

CBD topicals are popular with fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes or people that are active. They provide quick results to help you ease the pain relief and get you ready for your next workout or adventure. This method of using CBD is immediate and centralized to a specific part of the body, not overall wellness like CBD oils.

Types of CBD Topicals or Creams?

There are a couple different types of CBD topicals and creams to choose from:

  • CBD Creams: Glacier Organics Hemp Sports Cream is perfect for muscle soreness or pain relief. It also helps with inflammation and gets you ready for your next activity.
  • CBD Salve: Glacier Organics CBD Salve is a thicker topical that is used for joint pain and skin care routines. It is a versatile product that is applied to an isolated area of the body for different purposes.There are plenty of other CBD topical products to choose from. Roll on applications, lotions, and more depending on the brand you choose to buy from.

What is Oral CBD?

Oral CBD, or ingesting CBD through your mouth, is one of the most popular ways to take CBD. There are two primary methods of taking CBD orally: Ingestion and Sublingually


Ingesting CBD means to swallow the CBD directly. This can be from products such as gummies, softgels, or other edible products. When you eat CBD, it travels through your digestive system to your liver where it is initially broken down.

Once this process happens, then CBD enters the bloodstream. This is why ingesting CBD has low bioavailability. Research has shown that this method of taking CBD creates the longest lasting effects.


Taking CBD sublingually refers to the method known as under the tongue CBD ingestion. This method uses CBD oil or tinctures by placing a dropper under your tongue and holding it for 30 seconds. This allows the CBD to become absorbed directly into the bloodstream to interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

This method of taking CBD has one of the highest bioavailability percentages compared to other methods. CBD enters directly into the bloodstream to get the fastest, best results.

Types Of Oral CBD?

Here are a few ways to ingest CBD orally:

  • CBD oil tinctures: CBD tinctures are the quickest way to add CBD to your daily routine for maximum results. You can place a dropper of CBD under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds and then swallow. Cosisitey use of CBD tinctures at the same time of day create the best results. A benefit of CBD tinctures also allows you to increase or serve size for better results.
  • CBD gummies: CBD gummies are a popular, tasty, and easy way to get your daily dose of CBD. Gummies are gelatin infused with CBD and flavor to get a great tasting product similar to a vitamin gummy.
  • CBD Softgels: CBD softgels or capsules are another convenient way to ingest CBD. If you are used to taking pills, the softgel might be the method for you. Adding it to your daily routine makes it easy to use this product. Another benefit of softgels: you can add other ingredients such as melatonin to increase your benefit for specific needs like lack of sleep.

Taking CBD orally is popular for the fact that it is simple and convenient to use these products. They also achieve some of the best benefits of CBD. It is a win win!

Final Thoughts

This article breaks down oral CBD versus topical CBD. While they are very different products, using both types of products can be very beneficial. CBD is very versatile and provides many different benefits. One you know why you want to take CBD, you will be able to find the right type of product for you. Make sure you try both ingestion methods and try different brands and products before you decide what works best for you!

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