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CBD Skin Care

CBD for Skin Care – How CBD Reduces Signs of Aging!

Do you want skin that glows along with an oily young look? Plus, you might also want perfect elasticity in your skin so you can look relatively younger than your age.

Have skincare products in the market promised to help you but you don’t see the results? It’s because all of these products give your skin inorganic chemicals that do not stop aging or reverse the aging process. All, these do, is artificially make your skin look younger for a short time and do not work on the internal rejuvenation of cells.

However, the emerging and best solution for aging skin lies in CBD skincare. That’s what this article is all about. Buckle up, here is a CBD skincare guide for you!

Let’s begin!

Why you must not use anti-aging chemicals and preservatives?

99% of anti-aging products promise to give you glowing younger skin, but all of them use chemicals and preservatives. You can find benefits for a day or two, but they will never fix your aging cells issue. Plus, continuous use of these products may cause problems like cell damage and lead to skin cancer or other skin complications.

Thus, to save your skin, you shouldn’t use chemical-based anti-aging treatments.

How does aging work?

Well, time passes, and cells decay. That’s how nature works. But in detail, internal factors, as well as external factors, play their part. Let do a deep dive into them.

Internal factors

Internally, cells age when:
• There is not enough collagen (a structural protein that makes your skin firm and taut.)
• There is not enough elastin (a protein that makes your skin elastic.)
• There is not enough oil production in skin glands (oil makes your skin glow and removes dryness. As a result, skin looks younger.)
• There are more radicals in the body that degenerate skin cells.
• The hormonal balance is out of shape and destroys cell reproduction.
• New cells do not produce at a rapid pace or large numbers.

External factors
• Exposure to UV rays.
• Natural gravity of earth.
• Obesity of the body.
• Daily facial movement (Cause wrinkles and crow’s feet)c
• Smoking (increases free radicals in the blood that destroy existing cells and hormonal balance.)
• Exposure to harsh cold air

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

The Endocannabinoid system naturally produces hormones that regulate your sleep, immunity, appetite, temperature, fertility, sense of pain and pleasure, and cell rejuvenation.

Due to ECS, you get cannabinoid hormones released that produce collagen, elastin, and oils in your skin. But ECS releases a fixed amount of hormones, and it stops releasing them in the required amount with age. That’s why you need to take external cannabinoids to maintain your ECS.

What is CBD?

CBD is a similar cannabinoid compound found in Cannabis Sativa and Hemp. Plus, it produces the same effect as your internal hormones. If you take CBD, then your ECS functions at full productivity and creates rejuvenation effects. As a result, your body starts to function better, and cell reproduction starts giving you a new youth.

How does CBD stop aging?

Well, CBD can help you in many ways but from the point of view of aging, the following are essential things that CBD does.

1. Regulate ECS
With proper intake of CBD, ECS starts producing the required amount of hormones. As a result, you sleep better, get more fertile, have your immunity at a peak, feel more pleasure and pain, get a better nervous system, and have cell production at a faster pace. Thus, your old cells are replaced by new cells quickly.

2. Stops the loss of collagen
With CBD intake, your loss of collagen stops in your skin cells. Thus, your skin retains more structural protein. As a result, your skin becomes taut and firm like a young person.

3. Produce elastin
CBD intake produces elastin in your skin cells. Your skin becomes flexible and elastic like a younger person. As a result, hard skin becomes a soft elastic skin, just like version of yourself from 5 years ago.

4. Produce oil in skin glands
With age, your skin glands become dry and produce less amount of oil. That CBD oil production starts right now with CBD intake. Your skin glands release more oil and give you a glowing wet look on the outside.

5. Fight free radicals with antioxidant properties
CBD has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals in your body. Due to these free radicals, your cells die and do not reproduce. As a result, you get hard dead cells on your skin.

CBD decreases free radicals and stops the decay of skin cells, which helps you maintain live cells on your skin.

6. Maintain hormonal balance
Poor hormonal balance causes all kinds of problems, especially skin problems, such as acne and brittle skin. CBD normalizes your hormones and helps your body processes to work properly and smoothly. As a result, your aging process stops or continues at a slow pace.

7. Help proper cell regeneration
Without cell reproduction, you cannot stop your aging process. However, cell reproduction slows down with your age.
CBD intake helps your body to reproduce new cells that replace old cells in your skin. Thus, your aging process slows down, and you get new cells and vital looking skin.

Does CBD have any toxic effect?

Until this date, research has shown zero toxic effects on the human body with CBD products. However, if your CBD product has THC in it, then you might get a euphoric effect. Just like getting high on weed. Other than that, CBD does not produce any toxin in your body. It’s all-natural and organic. Plus, the manufacturing of CBD products does not contain any chemical processes. Thus, you do not have to fear toxic residues in your CBD supplements.

At Glacier Organics, all of our products are THC Free, third party tested products so you don’t have to worry about getting a euphoric feeling. Our CBD tincture or CBD Salve are both great options for skincare routines that have no toxic effect on your body.

In a nutshell
Use CBD skincare products for taut and glowing skin that does not have wrinkles and crow’s feet. Get skin cells rejuvenation, proper proteins in your skin, decent elasticity, and immunity against infections only with CBD skincare products.

If you have changed your mind, Glacier Organics can help you choose the best CBD skincare products. Get glowing skin, only with Glacier Organics.

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