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CBD Oil Vs Tincture

CBD Oil Vs Tincture: Which is the Better Choice?

CBD is a new phenomenon that is growing in popularity every day.  An increasing number of studies and user testimonials are showing CBD to be very effective as an organic remedy helping with sleep, anxiety, pain relief, and much more.  With so many options from products to brands, choosing the right CBD can be an important first step into your new CBD journey.   

Millions of people are helped every day by a product that is still surrounded by a lot of mystery. Despite the awareness of CBD being on the rise, most people have more questions than confidence about the products. They’re wondering what it comes from, what it does and how to apply it.

You can roll it on, rub it on, ingest it in a gummy, use a dropper with a tincture , or sit in a bathtub full of it. Most often, Glacier Organics’ customers ask whether they should use an oil or a tincture. They both serve a similar purpose, but have some significant differences.

So, which is better?  This blog will help you work through the similarities and differences of CBD Oil Vs Tincture so you can determine which is a better fit for you.  

CBD Oil Vs Tincture: The Similarities

Let’s briefly touch on the things CBD Oil Vs Tincture hold in common before turning our attention to the much longer list of differences. It’s understandable why the two would be confused for each other when they’re often packaged the same in little glass bottles and ingested in little drops. These two methods can also help treat ailments like:

  • pain
  • inflammation
  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • nausea

CBD Oil Vs. Tincture: The Differences

Now to the most often question we get: What’s the difference?

To begin, there are many. From their base to their ingredients to how they’re created, when it comes to CBD oil vs tincture, CBD tinctures and CBD oil have a bunch of qualities that make the two distinctly separate products you can select to help you along the exploration of your health and wellness


Generally, CBD oil is made up of a base made from coconut, extra virgin olive, and MCT oil.

Tinctures usually have an alcohol base, helping reduce the time the body requires to absorb. However, the alcohol in the base can sometimes irritate skin and dry it out, making it less than ideal topical delivery system for CBD.


We like to make sure our products are organically produces so our ingredients lists aren’t very long because we’d prefer not using any difficult-to-pronounce chemicals. But within the list is another difference between these two products.

The essential oils, sweeteners and flavoring (vanilla, chocolate, mint, coffee, and on and on) help make the tincture a better option of people looking for powerful flavor. CBD oils have even fewer products, making their taste much more organic and “leafy”.


Another difference between the two is how they come into being. While they look similar and are applied similarly, CBD oil and the little droplets you get in a tincture are produced with dramatically different methods.

With tinctures, the hemp is drenched in alcohol forcing the cannabinoids to vacate the hemp matter and dissolve into fat soluble solutions.

There is no alcohol introduced into the CBD oil extraction process. It is instead produced by introducing carbon dioxide to bring about a more pure form of CBD. This process is much more expensive and intricate, often times leading to a higher price point for these products.


The same ingredients that cause that more natural flavor also help make CBD oil products more potent than the tinctures. The carrier oils (hemp oil, coconut oil and olive oil) combined with the CBD isolate increase the potency of the oil. So there are some trade-offs when deciding to use a product with fewer ingredients.

While the oils pack more of a punch, the tincture are absorbed by the body much faster. And just because they aren’t as potent as their oil brethren. Their tinctures are still a very potent method of CBD use because they use less ingredients and better extraction methods than most other forms of CBD.

Final Verdict

So, as we stated at the beginning there are many questions to ask yourself when selecting which product you’ll buy. If you like more flavor, the tincture is probably the way to go.

If you prefer a more potent method, we would suggest using CBD oil. If you want to feel the effects of these powerful products more instantaneously then turn back to the tincture.

As you can see, it all comes down to your preference in the end.

Just remember, whatever you chose Glacier Organics is here to help you answer any and all questions you might have. Our FAQ section is chalk full of these questions and our blog is constantly growing. To bring more and more insight into these products that are bursting into the mainstream.

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