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CBD Oil Dosage

CBD Oil Dosage – How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

Are you a health-conscious person who loves staying active? If so, you may be supercharged by the amazing benefits of CBD oil and should consider giving it a try. If you have reservations and want to know more about the correct CBD oil dosage and how it works, this article has everything that you need to know.

Yes! CBD oil can help you with:

However, you’ll succeed in treating your condition only when you take the accurate dose and choose a quality CBD product.
Let’s begin and educate you all about CBD oil and how much to take!

CBD Oil Dosage: What is recommended by FDA?

The US law allows you to use CBD oil as an over the counter natural supplement. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD oil treatment. That’s why the FDA has not issued any official recommendation on CBD oil dosage.

Please research the CBD products you are using and reach out to the brand to discuss CBD dosage for beginners through experienced CBD customers. At Glacier Organics, you can visit https://glacierorganicscbd.com/faq/ to learn more about our dosage recommendations.

CBD oil Dosage: What scientific research says about it?

Popular scientific research indicates that every animal and person responds differently to CBD oil. That’s why there can be no universal dosage for CBD oil intake. Every CBD customer can experiment with dosages as beginners to figure out what works best for you. As a recommendation, it is best to start with a low dosage and increase as you go.

Additionally, research solidifies another fact: CBD oil is a relatively safe treatment. Humans can easily tolerate high potencies without any complications or side effects.

General research on CBD oil usage amounts recommend starting around 20 mg/day and increasing from there. Every CBD customer has different uses for CBD and can tolerate different amounts. Contact your doctor and CBD brand before initial CBD consumption.

How to figure out the right amount of CBD oil dosage?

Correct CBD intake depends upon several factors, such as:

  • How much do you weigh?
  • What condition do you need to treat?
  • How serious is your condition?
  • What body chemistry do you have?
  • What is the potency of your CBD oil, pill, capsule, drops, or gummy?

In short, several variables affect your CBD intake and what dose you should use. That’s why a benchmark dose might not work for you.
So, what do I do and where do I start? How do I know the right CBD oil dosage?

The best answer is: Follow the recommendation of your primary care doctor and discuss with the CBD brand whose products you intend to use.
If your doctor has not given you any recommendations, start with a smaller dose, such as 20 mg per day. After a week, increase the dosage by 5 mg. Plus, you must continue increasing dosage after every week until you see the best results.

Note: If you are treating severe pain, you can start with 40 mg per day and increase 10 mg after a week. Plus, you must continue increasing the dose until the pain becomes bearable.

Remember, always write down your intake and symptoms to help you maintain a consistent schedule. It will help you treat yourself better and get the best results possible.

CBD oil dosage: How to calculate it?

Every CBD oil product mentions potencies in milligrams on the packaging. For example, a single serving pill or capsule has 5 mg potency. So, you should take 4 capsules or pills in a day to cover your 20 mg per day dosage. Similarly, if you need 40 mg per day, you have to intake 8 pills or capsules.

On the other hand, if you bought a CBD tincture , then read the packaging. For example, a 30 ml bottle comes with 1000 mg of CBD. It means one drop will be equal to 30 mg because a 30 ml bottle contains about 30 drops. So, consume 1-2 drops orally to cover up your recommended potency depending on the condition you are looking to treat or the correct CBD dosage that is most effective for you.

CBD oil dosage: Possible side effects

With the use of CBD, some patients in very rare situations can face mild side effects. However, most people do not experience anything other than positive effects to help increase your health and wellness.

Mild symptoms include:

  • Fatigue (less energy or unable to do the hard work.)
  • Diarrhea (unable to digest meals properly and loose stool.)
  • Irregular appetite (Increase or decrease in appetite.)
  • Loss or gain in weight

CBD oil dosage: Some popular recommendations from famous researchers

During the last decade, many researchers have worked on CBD oil studies for several conditions that CBD is known to help treat. Here are the conditions and recommended dosages:

  • It’s best to take between 30 mg to 80 mg per day for severe anxiety.
  • Best results come with 10 mg per day for bowel disease.
  • Cancer-related pain needs 50 mg to 100 mg per day.
  • Parkinson’s disease requires 30 mg to 100 mg per day.
  • 25 mg per day treats most sleep disorders.

*Note: Dosages vary for every CBD patient. Please consult with your doctor before using CBD and discuss the right dosage for your condition.

CBD oil: Newbie tips

If you are new to CBD, here are the best guidelines for you in order to stay safe and practical to get the most effective benefits from CBD to help improve your health and wellness journey.

1. Be smart while shopping CBD products
Many CBD brands sell unregulated and sub-standard products. The CBD industry is flooded with CBD products making it difficult to find a quality brand. You can judge them by the quality of their ingredients, third party testing results, and customer ratings, and price. Low prices tend to be lower quality products with less potency and an unknown amount of CBD. The best tip for you is to shop by top CBD brands that produce quality products that fit the standards discussed.

2. Get advice from professionals
Reaching out to CBD brands is a great way to educate yourself on products. Most quality brands have endless information regarding CBD on their website and blogs to help inform your decision making. Before using any CBD product, always consult a doctor who knows your medical history.

3. What time of day should I take CBD?
You can take CBD anytime of day and even multiple times a day for the most benefits. However, CBD is known to make some patients drowsy. That’s why most people prefer to ingest it before going to bed so they can get help going and staying asleep.

4. Can you overdose on CBD oil?
There are no documented cases of overdosing using CBD. Because CBD effects are generally very mild, you won’t overdose but may experience minor symptoms such as drowsiness.

In short, even a high dosage of up to 1500 mg per day can never make you overdose on CBD oil. Our broad spectrum CBD products have zero percent THC to make it even safer.

Always start by taking small doses of CBD oil like 10-20 mg per day, and increase the potency for better results after every week. Make sure you consult with your primary care doctors and look for more information on CBD websites and blogs.

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