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Can CBD Optimize Your Fitness

Can CBD Optimize Your Fitness?

Fitness is important to maintaining your health and wellness. Having an exercise routine or hobby to keep you in shape is important to keep yourself happy and healthy. Exercise provides numerous benefits to help you stay healthy. Fitness mixed with a healthy diet can improve your cardio health and increase your mood.

How does CBD fit into the equation for fitness? Can CBD and working out be a great combination? The short answer is yes. CBD can help you maximize a workout in more than one way and one method of delivery. CBD topicals, pain creams, tinctures, and gummies all provide different benefits when it comes to fitness to help with pain relief for sore muscles and joint pain.

A growing number of fitness goers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts are turning to CBD pain creams and topicals for faster recovery from a tough workout, long hike, or training sessions. Not only does it help with pain relief but it can provide better sleep and more focus to perform at your peak.

Is CBD legal to use for high performing athletes?

One of the reasons many people are skeptical about CBD use is the misconception they are taking an illegal drug or marijuana. Yes CBD derives from the cannabis plant but CBD and THC are two different compounds. CBD is federally legal and must contain no more than 0.3% THC to be considered legal. However, Glacier Organics CBD products contain 0% THC and are third party tested to show our customers the lab tests. This ensures that our CBD products have no compound that can impairment.

Now that CBD brands are investing in quality ingredients and high quality lab testing, athletes are able to benefit from the use of CBD to help increase their performance.

Combining CBD With Your Workout

If you are thinking about trying CBD to maximize your workouts or recovery, you are not alone. Athletes and everyday gym goers are starting to understand how CBD can help with relaxation, sleep, and most importantly, muscle recovery.

As more studies are being done and high profile athletes are testing CBD to help with their fitness routines, they are understanding that CBD has more than one benefit. CBD topicals are great for localizing CBD to a specific muscle group or pain in your body to help with recovery. Incorporating a CBD tincture or CBD gummy into your nightly routine can help you relax and get to sleep quicker.

With better sleep and more focus, athletes are starting to find multiple benefits to help them maximize their training.

Daily Routines Of A CBD User and Recommended Products

If you are looking to try CBD for your workout or wellness routine, here are some daily routines and product recommendations:

Mornings – If you are at the gym bright and early, we recommend you try our CBD gummies to start your day and incorporate a topical or cream before, during, or after your workout to help with muscle recovery.

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Afternoon – If you are looking for an afternoon pick me up, try a CBD gummy to help you stay focused.

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Night – This can be the most underrated time of day to take CBD. Adding a CBD tincture to your nightly routine can help you relax before bed and help you get a restful night sleep. Getting a solid night sleep can be key to your focus and energy the next day. If you had a hard workout, add a CBD cream before bed to help with muscle recovery while you sleep.

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Wrap Up

We are learning more and more about CBD everyday. As we learn more, we are starting to understand how beneficial CBD can be for athletes or fitness enthusiasts. Whether you need help getting a good night sleep or helping your muscles recover faster, these are just a couple reasons to add CBD to your fitness routine.

With CBD becoming more popular and socially accepted, more and more people are starting to add CBD to their daily routines to reap all the benefits it has to offer. Finding a THC Free product with high quality ingredients is key to high profile athletes and fitness enthusiasts trusting CBD as a supplement to add to their daily routines.

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