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Best CBD Salve for Pain

Buying the Best CBD Salve for Pain

Have you ever dealt with joint or muscle pain that left you reeling for days, weeks, maybe months on end? You might have tried pain relief medication, stretching, or an ice / heat treatment to help alleviate your symptoms. But after the medication wears off or the benefits of a good stretch fade away, you are left wondering what else you can do.

I have been in some version of your position countless times throughout my thirty-one years and eventually found myself searching for a maintenance routine I could administer without expensive trips to the chiropractor or a steady dosage of ibuprofen.

I wanted something I could pair with my stretching routine to help ease muscle pain and support in reducing common areas of inflammation. That’s where CBD salve became a part of my plan to reduce the aches and pains I’d come to expect. And it’s been a part of my routine ever since.

When I first started researching CBD salve uses and benefits, I had several questions I sought answers to before selecting the best product and treatment for my needs. So in the rest of this post, I will share the key takeaways and insights that helped inform my decision to include CBD salve in my everyday maintenance routine.

First and foremost, what kind of pain does CBD help alleviate? There is still more research to be done, however one promising study demonstrated how CBD inhibits inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

My chronic back and neck pain is episodic in nature, and when I experience a flare up, my muscles become very inflamed. For this reason, the promise of reducing inflammation was very appealing to me. Especially when I reflected on how infrequently the use of ibuprofen helped provide any relief.

At this point, I felt like CBD had the potential of providing relief. Next I needed to know what product qualities I should prioritize when making a purchase. Much like ibuprofen, you might start to more commonly find CBD products at any variety of merchandise stores, including in convenience stores.

Before making a purchase, I recommend sourcing products that do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and that are 3rd party tested. Why? It is important to know exactly what is and isn’t in the final product, whether you are ingesting or applying topically. For instance, you should find a product without pesticides, microbial contaminants or heavy metals. Additionally, a THC free product is important if you are not seeking a ‘high,’ as THC is the compound found in cannabis that produces the ‘high.’

You can also consider what additional ingredients are in the product, although this is more a personal preference than anything. Many salves on the market contain beeswax, which has an antimicrobial effect. And there are a variety of oils that can also contribute to positive results, including eucalyptus oil, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Once I felt confident that use of CBD salve was worth incorporating into my pain maintenance routine on a trial basis, and found a salve that met my quality standards, I wondered how often and when I should use it to get the best results. Consistency in treatment has always been a critical component of my success while practicing other therapies. And as it turns out, CBD salve is no different.

I have found that using the salve everyday helps keep me feeling good, rather than using it reactively once I am experiencing a flare up. If I do start to sense an oncoming episode, pairing my salve treatment with stretching and a heating pad has been incredibly beneficial in preventing the pain from settling in or developing further.

Ultimately, my journey using CBD salve to treat pain has been a very positive experience and I feel more in control and in tune with my body than I have historically. Finding an alternative medicinal treatment to traditional pain relievers has been the key to rounding out my routine and preventing flare ups that’s all too often stopped me from enjoying everyday activities. For that, I am grateful and sincerely hope that readers of this post are better armed to determine if CBD salve is right for them.

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