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Muscle soreness

Best CBD Oil and Cream for Muscle Soreness

Do you get sore muscles from a hard workout, running 5 miles, or from getting older?  The answer for most people is a resounding yes.  Muscle soreness occurs after exercise when we use our muscles in ways our body is not used to or if we push our muscles past their limits from a hard workout or skiing for the first time each winter.  As we get older, sore muscles become a familiar part of our daily routines from physical labor or repeating many of the same motions over the years.  

Although these aches and pains are generally localized to specific muscles, they can make your daily routines and tasks much more difficult.  Taking tylenol or prescriptions medications becomes an all too common approach. CBD creams or pain topicals are a new, natural alternative to help you fight exercise induced inflammation or soreness daily.  The CBD cream is absorbed directly into the localized part of the body with soreness and provides the beneficial relief of CBD and other ingredients such as menthol to provide a cooling sensation.  

Muscle soreness comes in many different forms and caused by countless daily factors.  In this article, we will discuss how CBD creams can help relieve different types of muscle soreness and if CBD pain creams are the right choice for you.

What Are The Causes of Muscle Soreness

There are many different causes of muscle soreness.  Here are the most common:

  • Minor Injuries – From your daily workouts to hiking in Glacier National Park, our bodies may develop minor injuries from these activities that will likely cause muscle soreness or pain.  
  • Tension – Working out, running or outdoor activities such as skiing can cause muscle tension.  When your muscles work in ways they aren’t used to, it can cause tension and create muscle soreness or pain.  
  • Overuse – Getting older can be tough especially for your muscles.  Overusing your muscles over the years or pushing your limits during a hard workout can cause muscle issues and soreness.  

Muscle soreness is one of the most common occurrences in our daily lives.  It can happen through the activities of an average day or from pushing yourself too far.  This all may sound depressing but it is nothing of great concern.  Soreness can go away quickly, especially with the help of CBD Cream for instant relief.

How Does CBD Pain Cream Help With Muscle Soreness 

Muscle soreness from overuse, strains, and tension is completely normal, however, there is no reason to just accept it as part of your everyday life and discomfort.  CBD has shown to have encouraging benefits for muscle and joint recovery.  Here are some of the benefits CBD has show to provide: 

  • Post Workout Muscle Soreness Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Muscle Comfort And Support
  • Overall Improved Health and Wellness

All of our bodies are equipped with a system called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, which regulates our overall homeostasis.  This is the body’s natural ability to balance and maintain function of systems in our body.  Research has shown that the hemp plant is similar to what our body naturally produces.  CBD works naturally with the ECS receptors in our bodies to help relieve and rejuvenate sore muscles.  

CBD cream has shown the ability to ease muscle soreness in the short term and also provides long term benefits for joints and muscles.  This helps your body recover in the short term after workouts or outdoor activities.  CBD is quickly becoming a top choice for dealing with muscle soreness to help you recover faster.  This helps keep us feeling great and allows you to recover faster for your next workout.  

Tips For Choosing The Best CBD Pain Cream For Muscle Soreness

Now that we know how effective CBD is for muscle relief, here are some tips to find the best products to help with muscle recovery.  Not all CBD is created equal.  To get the most benefits and promote overall health and wellness of your muscles and joints, you need to find a brand and product with high quality ingredients, third party testing, and great customer reviews.  To ensure you are getting CBD creams with the potency and purity you need, make sure the brand provides third party testing results so you can verify each batch of CBD products.  

CBD Sports Creams such as Glacier Organics Hemp Sports Cream are an excellent choice for any one that is into fitness, outdoor recreation, golf, or just getting older.  This pain cream helps relieve muscle soreness brought on by any of the activities above and is safe for anyone to use.  This product is made with 400 mg of CBD, menthol, and camphor and is designed specifically for athletes in mind.   This product can be applied multiple times per day on different areas of the body that have soreness or pain.  Every product is third party tested so you know exactly what is in the CBD cream.  

This Hemp Sports Cream is a CBD topical that is absorbed directly into the localized area of the skin and into the muscle fibers, providing instant relief.  As a broad spectrum CBD product, you get all the benefits of the hemp plant with 100 percent of the THC removed.  You can use it before, during, or after a workout or outdoor activity to help your muscle soreness and improve your overall health and wellness on a daily basis.  

CBD For Muscle Soreness…What Are The Key Takeaways

Muscle soreness is a natural and common concern for each and everyone.  Depending on the severity of the soreness or pain, it can become an uncomfortable nuisance with discomfort that can lead to additional problems from lack of sleep, stress, or a decrease in physical activity.  

CBD is growing in popularity as research and customer reviews increasingly show more and more benefits.   Make sure you use premium, quality CBD products or you may not get the benefits CBD has to offer.  High quality products may cost a little more but they will provide third party testing, high absorption, and quality products that don’t use chemicals or pesticides.  Glacier Organics provide some of the top quality broad spectrum CBD on the market. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at info@glacierorganicscbd.com.  For 25% off your initial purchase, use code: WELLNESS25 at checkout by visiting https://glacierorganicscbd.com/shop/.

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